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to the Stoney Creek Wine Press custom label program. If this is your first time placing a custom label order with us, this how-to guide will provide you with the steps you need to get started ordering beautiful personalized wine labels that your clients will love!

Please note that label orders are to be placed by Boisset wine ambassadors only. If you are a Boisset client, feel free to browse this website, but please DO NOT place a label order yourself.

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Before you Begin...

Before you place your custom label order through this website, please ensure that you have first placed your wine order with Boisset, and obtained a Boisset wine order number for your client. This number is needed both to validate your label order with Boisset, and to ensure that your labels are associated with the correct customer.

Please be aware that Stoney Creek Wine Press is a separate entity from Boisset, and as such we do not have access to the details of your wine order, or handle wine order fulfillment. It is up to you as a Boisset Wine Ambassador to ensure that your label fully complies with Boisset custom label specifications including size, shape, and accuracy of information such as wine vintage and varietal.

If you have any questions regarding label design compliance or wine order information, please contact Boisset directly prior to placing your custom label order.

Optional - Request Sample Labels

If you would like to request a pack of sample labels from other Boisset custom label projects, contact Laurie Turner the Boisset Sales Support Manager at 1-707-963-6933.


Step 1 - Create a Label

The following options are available for creating a label design for your client:

  1. Choose a Design Template (recommended) - Choose a label style from any of the available pre-made design templates, and customize it with your own text, logos, or photos. Using the share buttons in the website’s label editor, designs can be sent to your client for review prior to placing your order. With this option, labels are provided at no charge, and proofs of your label prior to printing are included by default.
  2. Upload Your Own Design – Provide your own artwork for us to print. Start by choosing a shape that fits your wine type, and then create a label using your own design software to upload to Stoney Creek for printing. Designs can be submitted in many formats, including .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .PDF, .AI, .EPS, etc. Please ensure that files are set up with a minimum resolution 300dpi. View the Preparing Your Files For Print guide for help ensuring your files are set up properly. Additional charges may apply if your designs are not included to spec, or require additional work.
  3. Custom Design Package – Purchase a full custom design package to have Stoney Creek create a completely unique design just for your client. With this option, labels are included free of charge, but design fees must be paid for separately, with design packages starting at $200. Please call us at 1-866-858-4453 if you are interested in this option.

Boisset bottle sizes

Choosing a Label Size

When selecting a shape for your label, it is important to choose a size that will fit your wine bottles. Chardonnay and Sparkling bottles in particular have a much more limited space in which to apply a label. For this reason, labels for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sparkling Wine bottles must not exceed 3.75" in height.

To ensure that your label design fits your wine type, we recommend using our "3D Bottle Preview" option in our label editor.

If you would like to use a label design template that is is not offered in any suitable shapes for your order, please call our toll-free support number at 1-866-858-4453. For any questions specifically related to wine bottle sizing, please contact Boisset support.

Sharing a Design With Your Client

If you've created a label design using one of our templates, you can use the email button of the Share your label toolbar in the label editor to send a label idea to your client prior to placing your order. 

Sharing Options

Pro Tip - Saving Multiple Carts

We've recently revamped our saved cart system to make it easier than ever to manage separate shopping carts when working with more than one client. With our new system, shopping carts are now automatically linked to your member account, and each cart that you create can be viewed and managed through the Saved Carts list in your member profile.

Do you have designs for more than one client in the same shopping cart? The Saved Carts list in your member profile will also let you copy designs from a saved cart over to a new cart whenever you're ready to place an order.

Not a member yet? Sign up for membership now. It's completely free and only takes a moment.

Step 2 - Additional Options

Once you have completed your label design, you have several additional options for your order. 

Label Quantity: When choosing a label quantity, please order 14 labels for every case of wine in your order (this ensures that Boisset has extras in case any are misapplied or damanged).

Material Type: In your shopping cart, you may select from the following two material types for each of the label designs in your order:

  • Glossy - Laminated - This option provides crisp colors and a bright high quality finish, with an unbeatable level of durability and excellent water resistance.
  • Matte - Laminated - This option combines the flat finish of our poly film material with the durability of our laminated glossy option. Suitable for dark labels where a flat finish is desired (please note that our laminated matte option can have a slight dulling effect on dark colors).
  • Matte - Poly Film - A highly durable, tear-resistant option that produces sharp image quality and a crisp flat finish. We do not recommend our matte option for labels with large areas of solid black ink coverage, as these areas can in some cases become prone to minor scuffing when handled excessively.

Digital Proofs - All label orders (excluding reorders) have digital proofs included by default, up to a maximum of three revisions. For reorders, proofing is optional but strongly recommended if you are making changes to your label design. If your order includes proofing, you will receive a digital PDF file of your design for you to review prior to printing. Please note additional charges may apply for major design changes or if too many proofs are requested.

Special Requests: You may request that additional design tweaks be made to your label by including instructions in the comments field under your label in the editor. Please note that additional charges may apply for major design changes.

Step 3 - Place Your Order

Once you've completed your label design and added it to your cart, click the Check Out button to begin placing your order, and follow the onscreen instructions to either Continue as a Guest, or Register/Login with your Stoney Creek Wine Press user account.

At the checkout screen, you will be immediately prompted for a promo code. Enter "Boisset" followed by the order number for your Boisset wine order (ie. boisset123456, no spaces), and then click Submit.

Upon entering a valid Boisset order number, the order summary column will show a discount equal to the full amount of your order. You can then enter the appropriate Boisset Ambassador contact information in the provided fields, including mailing address, phone number, and email. Please do not enter your client's contact information, as this information is not required for placing your label order. Please note that if your order includes a digital proof, your proof will be sent to your provided email address, and it will be up to you to forward any proofs to your client for review before approving your labels for production.

Once all of the required fields are completed, press Continue, and then Place Order to complete your label order.

Your order has been placed!

Great job! Once we've received your order, you will receive an order confirmation email containing your 6-digit label order number, and you will be assigned a Service Representative who will handle your order and answer any questions you may have. If your order includes a digital proof, you can expect to receive your proof within 1 business day of your order being placed. Upon approval of your design, you can expect your labels to arrive at Boisset within 3-5 business days.

If you are in need of expedited shipping or would like to discuss your order options, please call us toll-free at 1-866-858-4453, and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Stoney Creek Wine Press, and have fun!


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